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  • sebastian professional flow whipped creme

    Sebastian Professional Flow Whipped Creme


    Light, conditioning style whip. Protein-rich, ultra-light whip to lift nourished curls and waves. For super-conditioned, air-light bounce. (150ml)

  • sebastian professional form craft clay

    Sebastian Professional Form Craft Clay


    Remoldable matte texturizer. Infused with earth minerals to separate and restyle texture – for remoldable styles with matte finish and natural hold. (50ml)

  • sebastian professional form dark oil

    Sebastian Professional Form Dark Oil


    Evanescent styling oil that replenishes from the inside out to smoothen the cuticle and add body, then disappears from hair thanks to the new DiffusX Technology. Formulated with sandalwood, cedarwood, and argan oil. With Hair protection against UV damage. (95ml)

  • sebastian professional form eruptek

    Sebastian Professional Form Eruptek


    A lava-like paste compounding the heat and energy of a volcano. Eruptek detonates on contact with hair for expansive volume and extreme clouds of texture. (75ml)

  • sebastianprofessional form liquid steel

    Sebastian Professional Form Liquid Steel


    Concentrated styler. Intense style-strengthening for unsurpassed metallic shine and super-strong hold. (125ml)

  • sebastian professional form matte putty

    Sebastian Professional Form Matte Putty


    Soft, dry texturizer. A powdery paste – soft on the inside, supple on the outside. Matte moisturizing and malleable for gentle hold at every length. (75ml)

  • sebastian professional form microweb fiber

    Sebastian Professional Form Microweb Fiber


    Elastic texturizer. Remoldable and touchable with silky web fibers – to redefine styles for any hair texture or length. (45ml)

  • sebastian professional form molding mud

    Sebastian Professional Form Molding Mud


    Remoldable fiber sculpter. Fiber-fused for a matte texture. Mold, sculpt, and twist any uncombed-looking style for perfect second-day-look hair. (75ml)

  • sebastian professional form mousse forte

    Sebastian Professional Form Mousse Forte


    Strong-hold mousse. Body-boosting curl and wave strengthener with UV protection – for de-frizzed curls, waves, and control. (200ml)

  • system professional form re shaper

    Sebastian Professional Form Re-Shaper


    Brushable, humidity-resistant, strong-hold hairspray. Strong, lasting, and reshapable for a multi-blend hold that bends to any shape and protects against humidity. (400ml)

  • sebastian professional form resintek

    Sebastian Professional Form Resintek


    Moldable liquid sap enriched with carnauba wax, igniting hyper-relectivity with infinite, remoldable hold. (75ml)

  • system professional form shaper

    Sebastian Professional Form Shaper


    Medium hold hairspray. Create touchable, versatile style with flexible hold and hair control. (400ml)